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Alexandru Dimitriev ing. Outsourcing Development

  • Helps you find the right font for your application
  • Saves sample fonts as images, easy browsed in HTML files
  • Deletes, install, uninstalls, test any font
  • Preview and Copy fonts to/from ZIP archives
  • Organizes fonts by Copy/Move operations
  • Displays fonts properties more...

  • Split an image in to multiple pieces, Equal or Not
  • Automatically built an HTML file, helping you to reassemble it
  • Use cutting files
  • Make rollovers more...

  • DisplaySaver
  • Revives normal screen saver during PowerPoint screen shows (it may work for other apps too)
  • Helpful for kiosk developers who want to leave their "presentations" running 24-hours per day while preventing screen burn-in more...

  • Increases your system's performance
  • Monitor Registry and GDI font resources
  • Set alarms for when resources drop too low
  • Park unused fonts in as many categories as you want
  • Unpark fonts with a click
  • Displays a sample of installed and parked fonts so you can easily find the font you are searching for more...

    If you have any suggestions or you want simply
    to say Hello! e-mail me at