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ADingOD Display Saver 1.0


ADingOD Display Saver revives normal screen saver during PowerPoint screen shows (it may work for other apps too). This hidden utility allows most screensavers to work as expected while Powerpoint is running in full-screen mode. This is helpful for kiosk developers who want to leave their "presentations" running 24-hours per day while preventing screen burn-in (especially over-night).

I must admit that is was not my idea:

"In less than 48 hours, the author created a screensaver solution to our Museum's (North Carolina Museum of History) problem. One of our new interactive touchscreen kiosks required a screensaver that would engage while PowerPoint was running in full-screen mode. This utility, now called Display Saver, allows the kiosk to run unattended 24 hours a day. The alternative would have been to have NO screen saver and put the slides on a timer which risks frustrating users when it changes screens while they are actually involved in the interactive. The remarkable aspect is that several other programmers stated it was not feasible and even Microsoft tech support said "too bad." While a simple Powerpoint flag that allows the "screen saver" to work would while kiosk is running would be ideal, Display Saver does the job. Can I be the only person who needs this?

Robin C. Baneth, Computer Consultant
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ADingOD DisplaySaver

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