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ADing SplitImg ScreenShot


SplitImg 1
ADing Splitimg loads images with different file formats...

SplitImg 2
you choose Width and Height of all pieces saved in JPEG, BMP or GIF file format or...

SplitImg 3
you can draw spliting lines (or load a previously saved cutting file) or...

SplitImg 4
you can draw spliting rectangles (or load a previously saved cutting file)...

SplitImg 5
you can double-click on any rectangle and change it's settings...

SplitImg 6
you press the "Split" button...

SplitImg 7
if you have JPEG or GIF files you can preview the HTML file, built automatically, helping you to reassemble pieces...

world_1_1.jpeg world_2_1.jpeg world_3_1.jpeg
world_1_2.jpeg world_2_2.jpeg world_3_2.jpeg
world_1_3.jpeg world_2_3.jpeg world_3_3.jpeg

and here is what you get in just a few seconds!

vorld_1_1.jpg vorld_1_2.jpg vorld_1_3.jpg
vorld_2_1.jpg vorld_2_2.jpg vorld_2_3.jpg


SplitImg 8
and this...

SplitImg 9
or this!

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